What’s New

What's New? You're looking at it! My new website! Finally, after many years of needing to replace my former site, I am at long last here with a beautiful new site.

I have kept the elegant black look with red highlights that pop, and for now, have "refurbished" the crow image up top, with plans for a new crow drawing in the near future. Take a look around - hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Fitting & Zidd for helping me with my previous site in every way, and now, to Big Pixel Studio for partnering with me in design and for building this new one. I am thankful!

This past October, I participated for the first time in an online challenge called Inktober, in which participants would create a new pen and ink image daily. Prompts were provided, but one could draw whatever they wanted, and then post on Instagram. It was a unique opportunity to get drawing again on a daily basis, plus check out how other artists would approach the same prompt.

As the month went on, I definitely became more creative, and began adding color to some of the line drawings. The image of the Common Loon was my answer to one of the daily prompts, and you can see the spot of added color to his eye. Although Inktober is past, sharing my black and white art to a broader audience is very much current. Please take a look at more of my Black and White Art in my Portfolio.