What’s New

WORKSHOPS - for your library or organization! As a published author and illustrator, graphic designer, and experienced public speaker, I offer a presentation on Self-Publishing Children’s Books 101. The workshop includes critical points such as:
* Idea/concept
* Story
* Importance of a dummy
* Design
* Illustration
* Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

And now, something new! Picture Book Dummies: A Hands-on Workshop to help those with completed manuscripts learn how to make their story even better through the creation of a dummy.

Find details here or please contact me and inquire. I’d love to hear from you!

My original artwork is all you will ever find in my Etsy shop. Sending something sweet to someone you care about is always special to them. This blank note card with its little black and white pied, counter-surfing Frenchie, is all about baking cookies. Or maybe eating them! Suitable for Valentine's Day or really, any time of year.

You can check out my original artwork on this card and many others in my Etsy shop, JBalsamFrenchieArt.