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One of the most important aspects of having a newly published book is promotion. This is especially critical if you have self-published, but even though my picture book, Where Do Butterflies Go at Night? is traditionally published, it still needs promotion.

One of the ways I am marketing Butterflies is through a postcard mailing to all the butterfly gardens in the U.S. I created and printed an attractive postcard, researched over 100 such facilities, and have hand-signed and mailed each postcard.

Interested facilities can request a sample from my publisher or order directly from their distributor. Results are already starting to come in.  If I can help you promote your book, or other project, please feel free to contact me.

In March, my alma mater's alumni office held an online figure-drawing session as a fundraiser via Zoom. One could start at the beginning or jump in at any time over a three-hour period. Two 5-minute poses were followed by two 10-minute poses. Pictured here is the 10-minute pose I liked the best.

Figure drawing was an integral part of my curriculum when in college, but it's difficult to find live model drawing classes beyond that, so this offered a unique opportunity. Although I had brought down a variety of media, the time limitation had me most comfortable with simple pen and ink. For more examples of my art in pen and ink and pencil, please take a look at Black and White Art in my Portfolio.