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WORKSHOPS! As a published author and illustrator, graphic designer, and experienced public speaker, I am currently offering a presentation on Self-Publishing Children’s Books 101.

Workshop contents include critical points such as:
* Idea/concept
* Story
* Importance of a dummy
* Design
* Illustration
* Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Interested? For complete details on this workshop or one I might create for your needs, please contact me and inquire. I’d love to hear from you!

I was inspired this year to create a new French Bulldog Christmas card. I wanted it to reflect the urgent need for love in today's world amidst so much conflict and pain. I also wanted to do something different artistically from previous cards. This is the result, with two variations -- one with colored lights, more Christmas-y, and one with white lights for any holiday or as a blank note card.

You can check out these cards and many others for both the holidays and everyday in my Etsy shop, JBalsamFrenchieArt.