Children's Books

Being published was a longtime dream that has become a reality. A new door has opened; bigger dreams shine brightly.


Art has always been a passion of mine. Now, more than ever, it’s inspiring my own journey.


Bringing words and images together to create something new just does it for me. Let me design something for you.


It’s not everyone who has been given the ability to write, to draw, and to put words and images together to create new art in graphic form. I am beyond fortunate to have these gifts. It is my desire to bring these talents forward to inspire children, to bring enjoyment through my written and visual art, and to help others share and communicate messages that are important to them.

If I can help you express a vision of your own, to bring a dream to life, please contact me.

Jeanne Balsam - Author, Illustrator, Designer


Why a Crow? I have had a deep connection with animals all my life, some greater than others. The crow is one of these. The crow is the symbol of magic and creativity, and may be a guide on the path to enlightenment and spirituality. He shares firsthand knowledge of Divine Order, and is a strong voice against injustice and dis-harmony. As a totem, Crow blesses one with the opportunity to manifest one’s own magic and creativity.