Children’s Books

My children’s book journey started many years ago, when I studied the Writing and illustrating of Children’s Books with Uri Shulevitz at The New School in New York City. The publishing world was very different back then, and Mr. Shulevitz sent young, newbie me, picture book dummy in hand, straight to the heads of several children’s publishing companies to have them take a look. Those days are gone, but my dream of having my children’s books published never disappeared. My life took a completely different route, but in time I returned to that dream which came true in 2022 when my first picture book, Where Do Butterflies Go at Night?, was published. It truly is beautiful and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, bookshop and wherever fine boos are sold.

WHAT'S NEXT? I'm working on a new picture book with a very timely and important message for children in today's world. You'll see it here when it's ready to meet the world!