Illustration has the power to bring words to life in a unique way, and to excite the viewer visually in any number of ways. My art today focuses on children’s' books, French Bulldog art, and specialty projects.


My illustrations – for children’s books, black and white art, and color art – can be found in my Portfolio. These sections are all works in progress, and will grow as I do new pieces.

I offer illustration services on an individualized basis, depending on the project. Specialty projects in the past have included spot book illustration, cover illustration, product label design, pen and ink drawings of homes, etc.  If you have something in mind, please feel free to contact me.


French Bulldog Art

For 10 years, I illustrated Just Frenchies magazine; I enjoyed drawing these wonderful and charming dogs so much that I was inspired to start a small business featuring the French Bulldog. You can currently find Frenchie note cards, holiday cards, and a journal in my Etsy shop. And who knows what these little adora-bulls will inspire me to do next! Please visit my Etsy shop.

If you’d like to be updated when I add new French Bulldog items to my Etsy shop or on the occasional sale, feel free to join my mailing list. Please know that I don’t send email for any reason other than this, and you will not be spammed.