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Lost for Words

What are your copywriting needs? Newsletters? Brochures? Articles for publication in print or on the web? Or ... do you need an editor? As a published author, let my experience help you express yourself perfectly!


When carefully chosen, words have the power to enlighten, inform, and influence. Isn't it impressive how a perfect stranger, through the use of his or her words, can move us to joy, sorrow, anger, or insight?

Lost for words? Let me help you find your voice and communicate your ideas in the way you find most meaningful.

Review samples of my writing here:

Sample 1 - Storytelling - The Story of Hachi-Ko
Sample 2 - Fundraising - Inspiring Donations for Non-Profits
Sample 3 - Article - Factual - Invasive Species
Sample 4 - Point of View - Does A Cricket Matter?
Sample 5 - Reflections - Limiting Our Good
Sample 6 - Writing from Experience - The Gift
Sample 7 - A piece I wrote on behalf of a local equine rescue that I help - Josie and Clyde - A Love Story
Sample 8 - ZoonooZ (above) is a 4-page newsletter that I created and write 3 times a year for Popcorn Park Refuge. It features stories about their rescued residents and articles about animals and animal-related subjects. Please contact me for a sample PDF copy.

For additional writing samples, please visit my blog ... Still A Dreamer.

Please feel free to contact me with your copywriting and/or editing needs.

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