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Stained glass dog portraits and stained glass portraits of other pets are the latest offering at The brilliant gem-like colors of stained glass bring a vibrancy to a pet portrait that no other medium can bring.

This new offering is a joint venture between myself, as designer, and Kathy Eisner, craftswoman, in which we are joining the best of our talents in customized stained glass dog and pet portraits.  Kathy, a stained glass artist, as well as a longtime friend, brings an outstanding insight into colors and patterns in glass as well as superior craft in her work, now established for several years. As designer, I bring my artistic talents in pet portraiture and design work to bring to life your favorite pet. Working together, we have the ability to take images of your dog, horse, bird, cat and create a glowing portrait in stained glass.

Here's how we create a stained glass dog portrait -- we start with the submitted photograph, in this case, (lightened here) we have Junior, a brindle French Bulldog ...

I next cropped the photo to the proper size so it will represent the final dimensions of the finished piece which in this case was to be 15" x 15" as well as the exact area to be cut. In Photoshop, I also brightened and clarified the photo as needed to best represent the true colors of the dog and background and to translate into color.

Next, I took that photo and designed the glass piece by formulating how the various parts of the photo would break down into glass. Kathy reviewed this process from time to time to be sure there were proper connections so the finished stained glass dog portrait would be sturdy. Once that stage was complete, I hand-colored the piece as a guide for clarity, and then from that, created a full-size pattern for Kathy to work from. Kathy and I, using the corrected photo as a guide, selected the glass that would best befit this particular breed of dog, it's coat, markings, etc., and make the background really sparkle.

Kathy then went to work physically creating the glass piece, cutting each piece to fit precisely. She also designed a unique way to fashion the very particular nose of the French Bulldog breed, as well as an excellent solution to capture the light in Junior's eyes. She copperfoiled each piece of glass, using finer pieces around the delicate face area and soldered the piece together. Once complete, she framed and polished it to a beautiful patina. And here, in greater detail, is Junior's stained glass dog portrait.


For details on ordering your own stained glass dog portrait or other pet portrait, and to view additional pieces of our work, please read more ...


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