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I continue to grow artistically, using the computer as well as pencils and brushes as tools. I add to my knowledge daily in the areas of graphic design, as well as at my art desk. Most importantly, I have returned to my dream ... writing and illustrating children's books. I have loved to read and to write since I was a child, and I bring my love of imagery and the written word to my personal and professional life.

And writing is what I have been doing. Illustrating, too! Since Spring 2007, I was a part of a children's book writers' and illustrators' critique group, HCCWIG, where I was both a group member as well as a facilitator until the organization disbanded. I am a member of SCBWI and have been attending writing and illustrating conferences through my own New Jersey Chapter of the SCBWI. To keep the wheel well-oiled, I also established my own blog, appropriately named - Still A Dreamer, and later, a second for my graphics business, Jeanne Balsam Graphics. In 2011, I was honored in being named 1 of 5 nationwide finalists in the Illustration/Painting category by the Dog Writers Association of America. Growing in my craft, I am aglow with the wonders that lie within and before me.

I have been blessed on my path with several guides in my emotional, spiritual, and creative life, and here I must thank Len, Bill, Alaya, Chuck, Georgia, Linda-Marie, Anysia, and Dr. C. I couldn't have gotten here without you.Yah-Tah-Hey (Walk in Peace)

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