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I am proud to announce that my first children's book is being published -- Where Do Butterflies Go at Night by Ethicool Books, illustrated by Stella Mongodi. This is my only picture book in rhyme, and will be available in early 2022.

I am so pleased and excited that such a wonderful story with such gorgeous illustrations will be in children's hands soon. I continue to write and draw, so please, do stop back from time to time to see what else I'm up to!

Meanwhile ... I have been, and continue to be, published in a number of other venues.

Design, writing, artwork and/or photography currently published in children's books, magazines and newsletters ....

Children's Books:

I Just Read to Potamus! (Book Design)

Doctor Whisper and Nurse Willow (Book Design)

A Home for Sydney (Book Design, Copy Editing)

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Words (Book Design, Copy Editing)

The Last Rhino (Book Design, Copy Editing)

Bo's Pond (Book Design, Copy Editing)

Paisley, You're Crazy!! (Book Design/Artwork)

Moose Is Loose! (Book Design)

Mutiny and the Mouse-Seymour in the South Pacific (Illustration)

Daniel: Dog Camp Champ (Book and Photo Design)

Madeline's Miracle (Book design, cover and interior photography)





Humane News (Contributing Editor and Graphic Designer) - 1986 - Present

Black River Journal (Contributing Author) - 2016, 2017

Just Frenchies (artwork, illustration) - 2003 - 2013




Just Terriers (artwork, illustration) - 2003-2007 (magazine closed)

Animal Companion (no longer published)
"To Bun or Not to Bun" (feature article, photography) - April, 2005
"She Wasn't Meant to Die"(feature article, photography) - June, 2005
"Saviors Behind the Scenes" (feature article) - August, 2005
"The Gift" (feature article, photography) - July 2007


ZoonooZ - offical newsletter of Popcorn Park Refuge (creator, designer and Editor-in-Chief) - 1991 - present

Nickers and Neighs - newsletter of Mylestone Equine Rescue (designer and contributor) - 2003 - present

Children's Books in the Works

My Portfolio

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