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My first children's book for which I have done the illustrations, Mutiny and the Mouse: Seymour in the Pacific by Alfred J. Walker, includes my color cover illustration and 9 full page black and white pencil illustrations within.

I look forward to the day when you will find a long list of children's books that I have both written and illustrated. So please, do stop back from time to time to see how I'm doing!


Until then ... I have been, and continue to be, published in various arenas.


Design, writing, artwork and/or photography currently published in children's books, magazines and newsletters ....

Children's Books:

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Words (Book Design, Copy Editing)

The Last Rhino (Book Design, Copy Editing)

Bo's Pond (Book Design, Copy Editing)

Paisley, You're Crazy!! (Book Design/Artwork)

Moose Is Loose! (Book Design)

Mutiny and the Mouse-Seymour in the South Pacific (Illustration)

Daniel: Dog Camp Champ (Book and Photo Design)

Madeline's Miracle (Book design, cover and interior photography)





Humane News (Contributing Editor and Graphic Designer) - 1986 - Present

Black River Journal (Contributing Author) - 2016, 2017

Just Frenchies (artwork, illustration) - 2003 - 2013





Just Terriers (artwork, illustration) - 2003-2007 (magazine closed)

Animal Companion (no longer published)
"To Bun or Not to Bun" (feature article, photography) - April, 2005
"She Wasn't Meant to Die"(feature article, photography) - June, 2005
"Saviors Behind the Scenes" (feature article) - August, 2005
"The Gift" (feature article, photography) - July 2007


ZoonooZ - offical newsletter of Popcorn Park Refuge (creator, designer and Editor-in-Chief) - 1991 - present

Nickers and Neighs - newsletter of Mylestone Equine Rescue (designer and contributor) - 2003 - present

Children's Books in the Works

My Portfolio

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