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Below are a number of commonly asked questions about my graphic design services. I always welcome new questions, so feel free to ask and I'll answer them here. You can also find expanded information on these topics on my new Graphic Design site, Jeanne Balsam Graphics. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like additional information. Thank you.

Graphic Design

What do you charge for graphic design?

What I charge varies depending on several factors - the complexity of the job, how prepared you are at your end, whether or not I will be researching images, whether or not I will be doing copywriting, etc. I do have a flat hourly rate, and sometimes will give a flat fee estimate based on the information you provide. Ultimately, the first step is for us both to understand the nature of the project and what we each expect.

Can you do the printing for me?

I work with a number of printers who do a wide range of work.  If you would like me to take care of this, I will be happy to get you a quote, and for a nominal fee, handle the printing process for you.  Again, this fee would be determined by the complexity of the job. Also, all delivery/shipping costs for the job will be up to you.

Do you use a contract?

Generally, with all new clients, yes, as I find it's the best way to clearly understand what we each can expect of one another and what our mutual responsibilities are. It makes life much easier. Once we've been working along for awhile in a mutually satisfactory manner, I may dispense with the contract.

Are you available to design my children's book?

Absolutely! If you are self-publishing, I would be delighted to create a great look for you that will make readers want to open it and read! Take a look here for some examples of my children's book design.

Are you available to illustrate my children's books?

Sorry, I am not available for the illustration of complete books. I may be available occasionally for limited spot illustration, and if this is what you are looking for, feel free to contact me and check my availability. Thank you.
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